Sage X3 People

Sage X3 People

A 360 ° view of your human capital With Sage X3 People, free yourself from time-consuming administrative tasks to focus on the strategic dimension of human resources. Lire la suite »

Sage X3 People

Sage X3 People

Une vision à 360° de votre capital humain Avec Sage X3 People, libérez-vous des tâches administratives chronophages pour vous concentrer sur la dimension stratégique des ressources humaines. Lire la suite »

Sage Session Africa Tour : Tunis

Sage Session Africa Tour : Tunis

11 avril 2017 Hôtel Sheraton Tunis C’est le rendez-vous des entrepreneurs en Tunisie. Cet évènement est dédié à tous les professionnels qui sont à la recherche de conseils, de solutions et d’accompagnement Lire la suite »

Lancement Sage XRT V4

Lancement Sage XRT V4

Vous souhaitez avoir une vision permanente de l’état de vos ressources financières ? Vous avez besoin d’anticiper les écarts, maîtriser vos liquidités et prendre les bonnes décisions ? Saviez-vous que 60 % Lire la suite »

Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3

Dans un contexte fortement concurrentiel, vous devez maîtriser vos coûts et garantir un rapide retour sur investissement tout en restant innovant, flexible et efficace. Vous voulez préserver ce qui vous différencie sur Lire la suite »


Sage X3 People

A 360 ° view of your human capital

With Sage X3 People, free yourself from time-consuming administrative tasks to focus on the strategic dimension of human resources.

Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3 is quick to implement, easy to use and cost effective. It lets you integrate your business processes into one common system, accessed via a simple user interface. You’ll have a complete view of your business and customers in real time, so you can respond quickly to events and make decisions based on hard facts.

Sage FRP Treasury

Sage FRP Treasury is a modular solution for managing financial flows and flexible with you everyday to cash management, preparation of budgets, account reconciliation …


Preactor is not a single solution.  It is a family of products that uses the same core code to provide solutions for small, medium and large companies. 

The Diver Solution

Dimensional Insight helps thousands of customers worldwide successfully launch business intelligence (BI) solutions faster and more cost effectively than any other platform. Our award-winning BI platform, The Diver Solution, and our industry focused applications help you…

  • Integrate disconnected computing systems
  • Visualize your data with self-service reports, dashboards, and scorecards
  • Improve business decision support

DIMO Maint, specialist in CMMS solution

Major international market player, DIMO Maint publishes a scalable range of 5 easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) solutions translated into 13 languages, to ensure you that the response will be adequate for the scope and the direction you wish to give to your project.


Major partner of Sage, the Kardol Group offers a range of products, skills and services specifically built around Sage ERP X3 for SMEs, SMIs and group subsidiaries.


Develop your skills with personalized programs, you enjoy both our expertise and experience of other users. And you are guaranteed to operate your tools optimally.


STAR Engineering is committed to support its customers in managing their business and proposes through a annual maintenance contract.

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Sage ERP X3 upgrades – Essential precautions to keep in mind during patch updates

To maintain and update your instance of Sage ERP X3 you will need to download and install the new Sage ERP X3 upgrades and patches. There are many reasons to install new patches on your Sage ERP X3 including:

  • enhancements
  • improvements
  • corrections and so on.

Patch integration could be critical for your ERP System.

Before and during applying the patches, and based on our experience we recommend that you follow some simple rules:

  • Read all documentation related to the patch set.
  • Make a full backup of your ERP X3 Database, Live Folder and customs reports.
  • Create a test folder from your live folder.
  • Test and apply all the Patches as a package.
  • Run a full regression test.
  • Make sure that all your custom developments are preserved.
  • If the test is successful, before applying the patches in the X3 and live folder make sure that there is no any user connected to X3.
  • If you encounter any issues after the patches are integrated in your Live Folder restore your backup and restart the patch integration from the beginning.

See the Downloads section for more patches.

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